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The first several weeks after a baby is born can best be thought of as an extension of the pregnancy itself. Baby is gradually becoming used to living outside of the womb. At the same time, Mama’s body has a great deal of recovering to do. Both are in need of a tremendous amount of nurturing and support.


The term “the fourth trimester” is used in the birth community to describe this postpartum period. The fourth trimester encompasses your baby's growth and development from birth to three months of age, as well as all the changes to Mama's body as she recovers from pregnancy and childbirth. Just think of all the mental and physical strides both Mama and Baby will make during this brief window of time! The new family also needs time and space to get to know one another, to bond. Mama and Dad need to develop confidence in their new roles as the parents of this particular child.


The challenges and demands of the fourth trimester are intense. When you're in the thick of it, you may feel like things will never be "normal" again. Believe it or not, this time in your family's life will fly by quickly. A "new normal" will soon be established. A Postpartum Doula specializes in supporting you during this period of adjustment and in helping you enjoy this very special time.


You can learn more about how both Birth Doulas and Postpartum Doulas can benefit you and your family by visiting DONA International.

Richmond has some great resources for growing families. Check out Richmond Birth and Baby for your first step into parenting. They offer Birth Doulas, Postpartum Doulas, Nighttime Nannies, Lactation Services, and a variety of classes.  Urban Baby Beginnings is a non-profit organization providing community support services specifically to pregnant and parenting families in Virginia. The Richmond Doula Project is a collective of full-spectrum doulas in Richmond, VA that offer support and education to people through all pregnancy outcomes, centering POC, LGBTQI, and other underserved communities. Birth in Color RVA is a birth, policy, and advocacy collective focused on providing culturally-centered support to pregnant families and the birth community.

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